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Harrison Acrylic Shelf Dividers with Clips - Pack of 10

Organise your shelf spaces easily with our range of acrylic shelf dividers with front and rear clips. Available in a variety of sizes, this shelf management solution will help you to showcase your stock effectively and bring order to your shelves.
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Ensure your shelved products are organised and easily accessible with our acrylic shelf dividers and clips, which are available in a variety of lengths to fit your shelving bays.

Easy to install, each divider includes two clips: a front clip and a rear clip. The front clip, when used in conjunction with shelf risers, prevents products from slipping off the shelf by holding the divider and riser together, while the rear clip secures the divider to the back of the shelf.

Shelf dividers are an ideal way to keep your products neat and tidy, providing a secure in-shelf barrier between merchandise that also allows stock to be replenished quickly and effectively.

Here are the key benefits of our shelf dividers:

  • Durable: made from long-lasting, high-quality acrylic and produced in-house 
  • Discreet: transparent plastic provides an uninterrupted view of your products 
  • Convenient: an easy way to organise your stock 

Pair the dividers with our acrylic shelf risers and other shelf management products to create the ideal shelf storage solution. 


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