Display hooks, commonly referred to as euro hooks, offer a space-saving alternative for displaying products equipped with a euro slot or euro slot hang tab, optimising your presentation options. Your choice of merchandising display hook should align with your specific retail needs and the type of display units you use.

Understanding the applications and benefits of slatwall, pegboard, cliphead, and FastStab hooks will help you create an efficient and visually appealing retail space that enhances product visibility and customer interaction.

How do you find the right display hook?

Application Type

Selecting the right merchandising display hook is a crucial decision for retailers, as it significantly impacts the effectiveness of your product presentation and organisation within your store.


To make an informed choice, you must first evaluate the specific application you have in mind as different display hooks offer distinct attachment styles, each tailored to suit various wall, shelf, or display unit types.


While pegboard and slatwall are limited to those types of displays, cliphead and fast-stab have a more versatile application type, such as use on temporary and mesh displays.

Single or Double Hook

Choosing between a single or double prong display hook depends on several factors related to your specific retail needs and the type of merchandise you intend to display.


For example, you must consider the weight and size of the merchandise you wish to display, the spacing and layout of your display and the accessibility of the products.


Careful consideration of these factors will help you select the most suitable hook for your retail display needs.

Size & Material

The right material and size will enhance product visibility and contribute to a successful retail presentation.


Consider your product's needs when selecting display hook material. Metal provides strength for long-term support, ideal for heavy items. In contrast, cost-effective plastic suits lighter products and brief displays.


In addition to material, carefully assess the size of your display hooks. Match hook length with merchandise size: longer hooks for larger items and shorter hooks for smaller products, ensuring a secure, visually appealing display.

Which Display Hooks Do We Stock?

Pegboard Display Hooks

Our versatile pegboard hooks are the perfect solution for organising and displaying merchandise. Available in both durable metal and lightweight plastic, these hooks come in a variety of lengths to suit your specific needs.


These merchandising hooks offer exceptional flexibility, allowing you to rearrange your display effortlessly and enhance product visibility, making it easier for customers to find what they need.


Whether you're showcasing clothing, tools, accessories, or any other retail items, these hooks adapt to your changing inventory. Their sturdy construction ensures they can hold a wide range of products, from lightweight items like jewelry to heavier goods such as tools or kitchenware.

Slatwall Display Hooks

Optimise wall-space and free up your countertop using slatwall merchandising hooks, available in white or black plastic and a variety of lengths to suit your product display needs.


The durable construction ensures long-lasting use and the ability to support various merchandise, whilst the simplistic design allows for easy installation and repositioning, giving you the flexibility to adapt your display to changing inventory or promotions without hassle.


Whether you choose the single or double prong, you'll benefit from the convenience of an efficient, space-saving solution and transform your slatwall into a functional display that enhances product visibility and encourages customer engagement.

Cliphead Display Hook

Elevate your temporary retail display with our versatile cliphead merchandising display hooks, available in both black and white plastic, and an array of lengths tailored to your specific needs.


Ideal for FSDUs, wire grids, mesh panels, and other shelving displays, simply slot the clip onto the back panel of your display unit and hang your promoted products, making them a practical choice for retailers seeking a hassle-free solution.


The euro hooks offer stability and reliability, preventing items from slipping or falling, while maintaining a tidy and organised display. So transform your displays into an efficient, visually appealing showcase that enhances product visibility and customer engagement.

FastStab Display Hook

Our FastStab merchandising hooks are the perfect way to display promotional products. Available in black and white plastic, as well as various lengths to suit your needs, these hooks are designed for quick, hassle-free installation.


Also perfect for FSDUs and other corrugated temporary displays, the hook's rear spikes establish a secure grip on the cardboard unit's back, effectively deterring any unintended removal or accidental damage whilst on display. Also, these same spikes reduce need for die-cutting fixings before installation.


So create a dynamic and efficient retail display that simplifies your merchandise presentation needs and captures the attention of your customers.

Why Buy Display Hooks From Harrison Products?

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Our Best Selling Display Hooks

Complete Your Display Hooks With

Stock Limiters

Elevate your retail display's functionality and appearance with our Stock Limiters, available in packs of 100. Designed to work seamlessly with display hooks, the limiters not only secure products in place while in transit but also make it easier for customers to access and retrieve items.

Euroslot Hanging Tabs

Display products without euro slots effortlessly on your display hooks using our euro slot hang tabs. Simply attach these tabs to your merchandise, and they instantly become compatible with display hooks, allowing retailers to optimise product presentation and increase visibility.

Display Hook Overarms

Our display hook overarms are designed to complement your display hooks by allowing you to showcase product prices or information above the hook. Crafted from transparent plastic, these overarms ensure your customers have access to the products below while maintaining an unobtrusive appearance.

EcoPlastic Swing Tags

Pair your double-pronged merchandising hooks or hook overarm with our ecoplastic swing tag, the eco-friendly solution for displaying product pricing and information. These tags are designed to effortlessly slide onto your display hooks and offer a clean way to present vital details to your customers.