Data strips, also known as shelf edge label strips (SELs) are an essential point of sale display component for almost any retail industry. Whether you're a retailer, merchandiser, or business owner, our buyer guide offers insights into the huge variety of data strips and shelf edge strips that we stock at Harrison Products.


Use our comprehensive guide to enhance your promotional and pricing communications.

How Do You Find The Right Data Strip? 

Shelving Type

Different data strips are compatible with different shelf types, so it’s important to check which ones will work with your client’s shelves before making a purchase – both in terms of shelf brand and shelf material.

Our range includes options that are compatible with leading metal shelving brands such as Tego and Caem, options that are suitable for the cardboard shelves of free-standing display units (FSDUs), as well as a selection of options for wooden, wire and glass shelves.

Adhesive or Clip-On

Adhesive data strips are cost-effective and provide a firm grip as they’re applied directly to the shelf edge, but can be harder to remove and may leave a sticky residue behind.


Clip-on strips hook over the top and bottom of the shelf, and often provide additional functionality and flexibility, but can also require a greater upfront investment.


Both offer benefits and drawbacks, so which one is right for your client will largely come down to personal preference. 

Colour, Size & Dimensions

In addition to our huge range of stocked standardised lengths, most of our data strips can be cut to order for your specific requirements. Simply choose 'Cut to size' as the length option on the product page to send your enquiry to us for a quick and easy quotation.


The colour and dimensions of some data strips are also customisable, while buying in bulk is not only more cost-effective but also offers further scope for customisable options. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements!


Which Data Strips Do We Stock? 

Adhesive Data Strips

Adhesive data strips are the preferred solution for retailers seeking efficient and versatile shelf labeling. A self-adhesive backing simplifies installation, allowing for easy application to both cardboard and metal shelving throughout your store.


We provide an extensive selection of adhesive ticket strips, including a wide range of lengths and heights to accommodate various shelving configurations. Many of our data strips can be conveniently cut to size, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific display needs.


Discover the convenience and flexibility of our data strips as they streamline your retail operations and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Clip-On Data Strips

Clip-on data strips are the adhesive-free solution for retailers in need of efficient price labeling. These strips can be either clipped onto shelving or attached to an existing data strip, depending on design, making them an ideal choice for clean and hassle-free application.


We offer a diverse range of clip-on data strips, with a variety of sizes and designs, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your retail environment and display requirements.


Explore the convenience and versatility of clip-on data strips to streamline your shelving and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Recyclable Data Strips

Here at Harrison Products, we’re pleased to offer recyclable alternatives that are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. Recyclable data strips manufactured from PET are strong, lightweight, durable and can be recycled multiple times via standard recycling streams.

Update your retail experience with this sustainable solution that combines convenience and environmental responsibility. A self-adhesive backing ensures easy attachment to cardboard or metal shelving throughout your store, reducing installation time and effort.

Our recyclable shelving strips can be customized to fit your specific display needs, eliminating waste and maximizing efficiency.

Coloured Data Strips

Elevate your shelf-edge aesthetics with our vibrant and versatile coloured adhesive data strips. For pricing strips that seamlessly blend into your shelving, this is the ideal option for you. These colored strips not only provide a practical labeling solution but also add a touch of visual appeal to your store displays.


With a choice of colours to choose from, you can coordinate these strips with your branding or shelving for a cohesive and eye-catching presentation.


Make your products and prices stand out while maintaining a harmonious store design with our colored, adhesive data strips.

Why Buy Data Strips From Harrison Products?

✔️ Experience: With over 20 years in the industry, we’re the trusted supplier for thousands of companies worldwide.

✔️ Product range: Our vast product catalogue contains over 20 million products, so you’re sure to find the one you want. 

✔️ Samples: We provide a free sample system – simply request a sample via our product pages.

✔️ Customisable: Many of our data strips can be cut to size, while further customisation may also be available on larger orders.
✔️ Quality: We have robust quality control measures in place to ensure that all of the products we sell are produced to the highest quality.

✔️ Fast UK Shipping: Order before 4pm Mon-Fri for same day dispatch and free next-day delivery on orders over £150. 

Our Bestselling Data Strips

Complement Your Data Strips With

Shelf Wobblers

Encourage impulse purchases throughout your store using our shelf wobblers. Ideal for creating eye-catching promotions and advertising special offers, simply peel off the release-liner and stick the adhesive-backing to the back of your graphic before securing the wobbler along your data strip.

Shelf Barkers

Looking to draw attention to temporary promotions or special product offers? Explore our selection of shelf barkers. Whether you prefer fixed position or hinged designs, you can effortlessly set up these sign holders in your store by securely clipping the barker to your data strip.

Click Sign Holders

Make sure your temporary promotions and signage grab attention at the shelf-edge with our click sign holders. Created for ultimate ease of use, you can effortlessly affix them to shelves, racks, or displays without requiring any tools or adhesive. Just snap them in place, and you're good to go.

Clip Strips & Clip Locks

Discover the ultimate solution for optimising your retail shelf space and increasing product visibility with our clip strip and clip lock collection. Our clip strips are ideal for creating eye-catching product displays and increasing impulse purchases throughout your store.