We are taking the lead in re-focusing the industry's values by creating a range of sustainable components, focusing on delivering recyclability and compostability. We use our eye for innovation and creative forward-thinking to develop alternative product offerings, providing the opportunity for brands to use components that help in protecting the future of our planet. 

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Included within our sustainable product range, we offer biodegradable Cardboard Corr-A-Clips and recyclable POS products, as part of our focus on delivering recyclability and compostability. We're constantly developing alternative product offerings to offer innovative sustainable solutions that can help in protecting the future of our planet.


Our innovative Ecovision Cardboard Corr-A-Clips are two-piece recyclable and compostable display components that are used to construct free standing display units and countertop display units. Suitable for any retail environment, our Corr-A-Clips can be easily installed in-store but are made from a natural fibre which decomposes within 90 days. 


Within our selection of biodegradable display components are EcoPlastic Swing Tags that can be easily installed in-store by clipping onto metal or plastic display hooks. Whilst our EcoPlastic Shelf Edge Click Sign Holder can be installed to Data Strips buy using the clip on mechanism. Made using a completely organic composite the product is 100% recyclable and are able to biodegrade 80% faster than normal plastics. The Ecoplastic range is fully suitable standard recycling streams.


Suitable in a range of different sizes and with self-adhesive backing, our Recyclable Data Strips can be easily installed in-store whilst containing a dust cap top to prevent debris build up on the front of the ticket. At Harrison we can provide data strips in a range of different lengths or with a cut to order service for bespoke lengths.


Included as part of our sustainable product range, we offer: EcoVision Cardboard Corr-A-Clips, EcoPlastic Snap Rivets, EcoPlastic Swing Tags, EcoPlastic Shelf Edge Click Sign Holders, EcoPlastic Snap Rivets with Collar and Recyclable Data Strips with Adhesive Tape amongst many more.


At Harrison, we offer an unparalleled variety of point-of-sale products and are always trying to evolve our product range to find better solutions for the retail industry. With over 20 years' experience in the Point-of-Sale and related display products industry, we pride ourselves in our vast range of POS related components to over 100 locations around the world. It is our firm belief that we can provide the future of retail with unrivalled lead times and online orders that can be placed and shipped nationwide as well as to all countries within the European Union.