Breakable Shelf Divider - 60mm Height | Pack of 20

Used in conjunction with shelf t-rails, these 60mm tall breakable shelf dividers can be used with a variety of different sized shelving to ensure that stock is organised and neatly merchandised.
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These 60mm tall, breakable shelf dividers are designed to be clipped onto t-rail systems, ensuring that your shelved products are organised and easily accessible.

Each divider features break points every 25mm, that can be snapped to the required length for your shelving - accommodating shelf depths of 185mm - 385mm or 385 - 585mm, depending on your chosen size option.

Here are the key benefits of our breakable shelf dividers:

  • Durable: made from long-lasting, high-quality Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Discreet: transparent plastic provides an uninterrupted view of your products
  • Versatile: dividers can be shortened to fit different depths of shelving

Pair the dividers with our selection of self-adhesive and magnetic t-rails, and other shelf management products to create the ideal shelf storage solution. 


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