We are aware of the impact our business has on the environment and have taken and continue to take appropriate steps to mitigate that impact, including setting environmental objectives and targets, implementing procedures and providing training so that our team members understand their environmental responsibilities and can seek to improve environmental performance.


We are a certified carbon measured operation, and are continuing to work with CarbonQuota to measure, reduce and certify the carbon footprint of our direct operations.

Our latest CarbonQuota report contains details of our Scope 1, Scope 2 and partial Scope 3 carbon emissions, and provides a year-on-year comparison that demonstrates the progress we’re making towards achieving our carbon reduction targets. The findings of this report will continue to inform and shape these targets and our actions going forward as we work to reduce our carbon hotspots.

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As part of our commitment to continually improve our business practices and corporate social responsibility management, we undertook a series of assessments from EcoVadis and have since been awarded with the Silver EcoVadis Sustainability Rating.

EcoVadis is a sustainability ratings provider, focusing on providing businesses with the tools and ratings needed to improve their sustainability practises and effectively manage corporate social responsibility.

Essential for smart and responsible business, sustainability can be broken down into four key themes which businesses are then assessed on:

  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Labour and Human Rights
  • Sustainable Procurement


As a Sedex member we are committed to being a responsible business, sourcing responsibly and improving ethical standards and working conditions within the supply chain.

Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Sedex provides practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices and source responsibly.

ISO 14001

We hold ISO 14001:2015 certification to fully demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and implementing the following:

  • Assess and regularly re-assess the environmental effects of the Organisation’s activities
  • Training of employees in environmental and circular economy issues
  • Minimise the production of waste
  • Minimise material wastage
  • Minimise energy wastage
  • Promote the use of reusing, recyclable and renewable materials
  • Prevent pollution in all its forms
  • Control noise emissions from operations
  • Minimise the risk to the public and employees from operations and activities undertaken by the Organisation

ISO 9001

We hold ISO 9001:2015 certification which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality management systems, ensuring we consistently provide products and services which meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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ISO 27001

We hold ISO 27001:2022 certification, which is the leading international standard focused on information security, to systemically protect company and client data through the adoption of an Information Security Management System.

As per the ISO 27001 definition, this Information Security Management System protects three core aspects of information:

  • Confidentiality: Only authorized persons have the right to access information
  • Integrity: Only authorized persons can change the information
  • Availability: The information must be accessible to authorized persons whenever it is needed