Packaging Construction

We have an extensive range of Adhesive Tapes, Ball Chain Reels, LED Units, Fasteners and Disc Magnets, essential for constructing high quality packaging, fastening displays and adding the finishing touches to presentation boxes for maximum impact. 

Harrison POS Products | Stocking everything you need to create the perfect point of sale displays and retail solutions. From shelving displays to pavement signs, Harrison Products are leading UK POS provider, ensuring that you get your promotions noticed.

Discover our extensive range of packaging construction components, essential for creating high quality packaging, fastening displays and adding the finishing touches to presentation boxes for maximum impact. 


Suitable for every retail environment, our packaging construction components include transparent glue products that feature an extremely high tack for strong permanent adhesion, ball chain made from nickel plated brass, ball chain connectors & reel, strong and durable adhesive tape suitable for demanding applications such as banner hemming and permanent adhesive sealing discs for discreet sealant and tamper proof applications.

Our Packaging Construction catalogue also includes safety pins with self-adhesive attachments to secure ID labels to materials, circular hook and loop coins with self-adhesive backing for PVC use, nickel plated binding screws for display purposes, nylon cable ties to securely loop through and firmly hold tags or signage permanently in place, cylindrical non-adhesive magnet disc's to discreetly fasten cases, box lids or acrylic panels for hidden closure.


At Harrison, we have perfected our range of packaging construction products to ensure that we have the solution to your POS problem that is reliable and well-suited for the task, no matter the surface. Designed and manufactured to meet industry standards, our team of dedicated in-house specialists have had years of experience in their field to guarantee that our extensive collection will meet all your needs. 

Our entire Packaging Construction product selection is as follows: Secure Glue Dots, Foam Pads Roll, Sealing Discs Roll, Adhesive Foam Pads Roll Flashing LED Lights, Adhesive Finger Lift Tape, Permanent Peel Tape, High Bond Film Tape, Ball Chain Connectors, Ball Chain Reel, Plastic Handles, Cable Ties, Cable Tie Bases, Swatch Fasteners, Binding Screws, Hook & Loop Tape or Coins, Badge Holders, Luggage Loop, Lock & Catch Sets, Magnetic Tape and Neodymium Disc Magnets.

We offer an unparalleled range of products and can supply you with any individual component needed to complete your freestanding promotional unit or an entire range of items needed to create intricate in-store displays at affordable and competitive prices. No matter what your POS problem is, we have a solution.

Our unique range of high-tack Adhesive tapes, including double-sided and foam, can be used on anything from banner hems to creating hinges or joints with corrugated displays. We also supply permanent adhesive secure glue dots in a variety of sizes that can be used to attach plastic and card together for temporary adhesion, adhesive foam pads for mounting lightweight signage to various surfaces, high-bond film tape suitable for demanding applications, adhesive hook and loop coins with self-adhesive backing for PVC use, adhesive magnetic tape with a light to medium pull magnet on one side and a standard adhesive back on the reverse for attaching and changing displays.

We have specifically developed a selection of sustainable Ball Chain components that can be used to hang signage from products. Not only is it cost effective, but it is also an environmentally friendly method of securely displaying labels or signage. With a variety of sizes for ball chain connectors or ball chain reel, we aim to offer a durable and affordable product as part of our mission to innovate today for a sustainable tomorrow. 

With over 20 years' experience in the point of sale and display products industries, we pride ourselves on offering thousands of products to over 100 destinations across the globe. Offering fantastic products with unrivalled lead times, orders placed online can shipped nationwide, to Ireland and to all countries within the European Union. We are also able to ship to the Rest of the World, however we request that you communicate directly with our internal export specialists to facilitate customs requirements and ensure prompt delivery.