EcoPlastic Shelf Edge Click Sign Holders for ESLs - Pack of 100

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Prominently display your prices and product information along your ESL rail with our biodegradable shelf-edge sign holder, available in packs of 100.


Ideal for promoting special offers and made from Harrison’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable EcoPlastic, you can easily install the shelf sign holder in-store by puncturing a hole in your graphic, securely gripping it in place, before effortlessly clipping the sign holder to our DEA, DEB & DEC profiles. For more information on these, you can view our handy ticket profile guide.

Our EcoPlastic shelf-edge sign holders feature the following benefits for complementing your POS displays:

  • Ready-to-use: features a 4.5mm diameter plastic stud to effortlessly pierce signage
  • Eco-friendly: made from 100% recyclable components and suitable for standard recycling streams 
  • Convenient: biodegrades at an accelerated rate compared to standard plastic if accidentally disposed of in landfill

Explore our innovative range of EcoPlastic products to boost your eco-credentials and sustainability efforts or view our entire range of click sign holders.


Fits To
DEA, DEB & DEC profiles
Material Capacity
Hole Diameter Needed In Print
Hole Position Needed in Print
12mm from edge to hole centre
Biodegradable Polypropylene
Translucent White
Pack Size
100 Units

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What is EcoPlastic made from?

Using a modified plastic polymer, our EcoPlastic material is able to naturally and safely break down at an accelerated rate compared to alternative materials.

Are EcoPlastic components recyclable, biodegradable or compostable?

Our EcoPlastic components are all 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which means that they will break down naturally if they accidentally end up in landfill. EcoPlastic is not compostable so does not need special conditions in order for the material to biodegrade and can go into standard plastic recycling streams.

Are the performance, appearance or characteristics of EcoPlastic altered in comparison?

Items made from our EcoPlastic material are just as strong, durable and look the same as regular plastic components as the material will only begin to biodegrade when exposed to the microbes found in landfill conditions.

How long does it take for EcoPlastic components to biodegrade?

If our EcoPlastic components accidentally reach landfill rather than being recycled they will biodegrade at a significantly accelerated rate compared to regular plastic components but recycling EcoPlastic components is always recommended.

Are biodegradable plastics harmful to the environment?

Our EcoPlastic components actually break down into natural compounds, which are not harmful to the environment, rather than microplastics like many other biodegradable materials.