Unlocking Retail Success: Mastering Merchandising with Display Hooks

Unlocking Retail Success: Mastering Merchandising with Display Hooks

21st Mar 2024

As the retail industry continues to evolve, efficient in-store merchandising display has risen in importance in recent years. Products must be displayed correctly in the customer's eye line, making it easy for customers to browse product ranges.

To optimise these opportunities, retailers can introduce display hooks, also known as ‘euro hooks’ to offer a space-saving alternative for displaying products. Effortlessly reconfigurable, display hooks enable retailers to simplify their merchandise presentation needs and capture the attention of their customers.

Choosing the perfect hook for your display

Before installing display hooks, retailers must ensure they select the right product for their display. The biggest consideration is evaluating the application of the hooks. Wall displays will typically require pegboard or slatwall style hooks, whereas display hooks for temporary displays (such as FSDUs and mesh displays) will require Cliphead or FastStab hooks that can be more easily fixed onto corrugated boards.

Once the application type is determined, the length of the display hook is required, the material (whether your stock is heavy and requires metal hooks) and whether it requires single pronged hooks (such as for fashion retails) or double-pronged hooks (typically for smaller products that include euro hook attachments to them).

Choosing the wrong hook for merchandising displays can be detrimental for retailers as the visibility and effectiveness of product presentation can lose its spark.

At Harrisons Products, we offer a range of display hooks, including:

Pegboard and Slatwall

For permanent point-of-sale retail displays, Pegboard and Slatwall hooks are an efficient solution, allowing retailers to organize merchandise on these type of wall displays. These hooks come in durable metal or lightweight plastic and come in a variety of lengths depending on the product displayed.

Merchandising hooks provide added flexibility, allowing retailers to arrange displays simply and enhance product visibility while adapting to ever-changing inventories. The hooks are well-balanced and strong, holding light items such as hair accessories to heavier ones such as tools.

Additionally, metal pegboard and slatwall hooks can be used in conjunction with prong locks for heavier and more expensive stock to ensure that products remain in place when displayed.

See our range of Pegboard and Slatwall hooks here.

FastStab and Cliphead

In the case of temporary point-of-sale displays, including free-standing display units, wire grids and mesh panels, FastStab and Cliphead hooks are the preferred solution. These euro hooks are popular among retailers due to ease of installation on FSDU and other temporary displays. Their clips or spikes establishing a secure grip onto the cardboard or corrugated boards.

They are ideal for displaying a lot of stock within FSDU (free-standing display unit) displays and help to increase customer engagement.

See our range of QuickStab and Cliphead hooks here.

Choosing the perfect hook for your display

To further improve the visual presentation of stock on display, stock limiters can be paired with display hooks in order to prevent stock from from falling off, and to evenly distribute product along a display hook for a cleaner aesthetic.

Additionally, to help mitigate stock loss of more premium items such as health and beauty products, small yet secure retail hook locks can be fitted to metal display hooks to ensure that merchandise cannot be removed without assistance.

By pairing these products with display hooks, retailers can not only protect their high-value goods but also create a cleaner and more inviting retail display.

With the addition of our extensive display hook range and complementary products, retailers can simplify their merchandise presentation needs and capture the attention of their customers. For more information you can view our merchandising display hook buying guide or shop our stocked range here.