Maximising Seasonal In-Store Campaigns with Harrison Products

Maximising Seasonal In-Store Campaigns with Harrison Products

17th Oct 2023

The change of seasons provides an opportunity for retailers to harness the power of temporary seasonal point of sale. Retailers are already well-prepared for Christmas - although Harrison are on-hand to support last minute campaigns - and there are plenty of POS options for the forthcoming Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter promotions.

Harrison is here to help businesses make the most of these festive occasions and offer a next day delivery service to ensure your campaigns are always installed on time.

Christmas: Decking the halls with last-minute impulse displays

When it comes to last-minute Christmas prep, the holiday season offers opportunities for retailers to boost sales. At Harrison Products, we understand the importance of creating captivating Christmas displays that enchant customers and encourage impulse purchasing.

Christmas campaigns are all about maximum product exposure, and free-standing display units (FSDUs) are the industry favoured system for exactly that reason. The key to effective units, that are durable enough to last throughout the campaign, is high-quality components. We offer a wide range of FSDU construction components for creating a standout Christmas retail display unit:

  • Shelf support clips, made from durable materials and designed to fit corrugated displays, providing a strong hold that keeps your displays secure and stable. Our products are easy to install and will keep your festive displays looking professional whilst supporting product weight throughout the season.
  • LEDs, easily installed on FSDUs using their self-adhesive backing and suitable for various materials, are the perfect way to make your seasonal end-of-aisle unit stand out. Our LEDs are CE compliant and designed to be durable, energy-efficient and long-lasting, providing you with the reliability and performance you need. Ideal for a little Christmas magic!
  • Snap rivets, high-quality products perfect for creating secure and long-lasting displays in your retail store or business. Our rivets and screws are ideal for the assembly of large signage and promotions constructed from Corex, foamboard and other light materials.

    Mop trays, these products provide a stable base for your Christmas FSDUs, help to keep them clean and protected from water damage, as well as making your temporary units easier to relocate.

Valentine’s Day: Maximise your in-aisle promotions

Add that something extra to your in-aisle promotions with our extensive range of in-store signage and shelf communication products to highlight your Valentine’s promotions. Prepare for your Valentine’s Day campaigns and get your promotions noticed with our range of temporary POS products:

  • banner hangers, are ideal for displaying promotional material at the shelf edge with a number of fitting options to suit all shelf types. Make your promotions pop out with our banner hangers.

  • aisle fins, are suitable for all shelving depths to showcase your seasonal product promotions.
  • shelf-edge sign holders, a promotional must-have, providing a quick and efficient way to advertise your chosen items for Valentine’s Day 2024.
  • shelf wobblers, need a special offer to stand out on the shelf? Try our eye-catching wobblers!
  • shelf barkers, can be clipped onto a Data Strip to create a stand out price point at the shelf edge. Take a look at a collection of our shelf-edge label holders designed to showcase price tickets and POS here.
  • clip strips, multi-purpose POS clip strips are ideal for suspending displays on the shelf edge and standing out from the crowd.
  • LEDs, a great option for adding some sparkle to your campaigns and making in-aisle signage really capture shopper attention.

Mother’s Day: Large-scale hanging campaigns

Hanging Signage is a wonderful way to light up Mother’s Day 2024. Create large-scale printed promotions to highlight your campaign using our wide range of hanging kits and ceiling attachments:

  • ceiling hooks, whether you need to connect different pieces of signage together or want to hang promotional signage from a ceiling grid, we offer hooks and ceiling attachments for all ceiling types in a range of shapes and sizes for a multitude of uses. Why not take a look and see if these hanging items will be a winner in your store?
  • cable hanging kits, ceiling hanging systems allow you to display suspended signs and posters in store for an impactful Mother’s Day 2024 retail campaign.

Easter: Egg-citing options for your seasonal display

Easter is a time of creativity and celebration, offering a unique opportunity for retailers to spring into the imagination of their customers. Harrison Products offers a wide range of essential store merchandising products and price communication solutions:

  • adhesive data strips come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your specific needs, and are made from durable materials. Choose from recyclable materials, coloured backing, and even extra strength adhesive for your data strips.
  • display hooks, a wide range of high-quality display hooks to help you optimize your product displays. Our selection includes pegboard hooks, slatwall hooks, and more in various sizes and styles to meet your needs.

Discover all of our products here.

Prime time Point of Sale strategies for seasonal success

The holiday seasons are a prime time for retailers to boost sales and create memorable shopping experiences. Harrison Products offers a wide range of products designed to enhance your seasonal displays and ensure that your promotions get noticed. With the right displays and signage, you can capture the spirit of the season and drive customer engagement and impulse sales during these festive times. Explore our off-the-shelf possibilities today at Harrison Products.