FSDU Components Buying Guide

FSDU Components Buying Guide

14th Nov 2023

Walk into any store, large or small, and you’re likely to see at least one free standing display unit (FSDU). When it comes to building these units, there are a number of key products that you’ll need to consider. In this article, we’re going to explore the main FSDU components, what your buying choices are and how to narrow down the options.

What is an FSDU? 

Free standing display units – also known as floor standing display units – are standalone cases that are typically found at the end of aisles or near to checkouts. Lightweight, portable and affordable, they’re a popular way to draw attention to promotions, encourage impulse buys or showcase particular product ranges.

What materials are FSDUs made from? 

FSDUs are typically made from cardboard, to support custom printing, which allows them to be tailored to individual products or brands.

How do you identify what FSDU components you might need? 

FSDUs come in various shapes and sizes. The components you’ll need will be influenced by your FSDU design, and here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Style: FSDUs generally come in two styles – stacker or shelves. Which would be most appropriate to meet your client’s needs? 
  • Shelves: If you choose a design with shelves, how many shelves should your FSDU have? How much product does your client want to display? 
  • Floor space: Where’s your client planning to display the FSDU? How much floor space are they offering? 
  • Product: What product is your client planning to display in the FSDU? And will the product be loaded onto the unit in store or beforehand? 
  • Weight: How much weight does the FSDU need to support? 
  • Length of promotion: How long is your client planning to run their promotion? How long does the FSDU need to last? 
  • Recyclability: To what extent does the FSDU need to be recyclable? 
  • Budget: What budget are you working with and what are your costs going to be?

What are the main FSDU components? 

Here are some of the essential products that you may need when constructing an FSDU.

     Adhesive data strips
Self-adhesive data strips are an easy way to attach price tickets to FSDUs. There are multiple options available, including angled and recyclable versions, many of which can be cut to length.

Corr-a-clips and shelf clips
These components are used to support the shelves within FSDUs. Corr-a-clips come in two parts that combine to create a strong joint, while shelf clips are a single piece of material that fulfil the same role.

Mop trays and display feet
The role of mop trays and display feet is to protect the bottom of your FSDU from water damage and day-to-day wear and tear. Mop trays fit around the base of the FSDU, while display feet raise the unit up.

     Snap rivets
Strong and durable, snap rivets (or fasteners) are typically used to join two materials together. They provide a robust joint and neat finish, which makes them ideal for use in the construction of an FSDU.

     Adhesive pockets
These pockets allow you to attach additional information to the side of your FSDU. They’re available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and will often have an opening for easy, in-store sign replacement.

     Plastic display prongs
Designed to attach to FSDUs, as well as a range of other materials, plastic display hooks come in various sizes and are a versatile way to display multiple products.

Optional Extras

     Secure-Pull lanyards
These lanyards are designed to help prevent high-value items from being lost or stolen, and consist of a base unit with a retractable cord.

For more information, explore our Anti-Theft Security Tether Buying Guide.

LEDs are a great way to draw attention to a promotion or bring a design to life, and are ideal for use in cardboard displays and signage. They come in various colours and have a self-adhesive pad for easy application.

Perm peel discs
If you’re looking to create a more eco-friendly FSDU, perm peel discs are a great alternative to plastic data strips. They feature a permanent side (applied to your unit) and a removable side (applied to price tickets).

How do you find the right FSDU components? 

Here are some key factors to bear in mind when choosing FSDU components.

Adhesive data strips 


The majority of adhesive data strips are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is flexible, strong and easier to extrude than comparable materials. There are also recyclable alternatives on offer, which are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. The benefits of PET are that it’s strong, lightweight, durable and products made from PET can be recycled multiple times via standard recycling streams. 

Print requirements 

The print specifications of the POS materials that will be displayed within the data strips are also likely to influence your choice. The dimensions may shape the size of the strip, while the appropriate type of adhesive may change depending on what print finish is being used on the FSDU. 

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Corr-a-clips and shelf clips 

Orientation and size 

Corr-a-clips and shelf clips are available in horizontal or vertical styles, come in small or large sizes, and have different numbers of holes, so it’s important to consider how you’re planning to construct your FSDU. 

Slot-in or glue 

The majority of clips will need gluing into place, but there are also options that slot into a recess instead. Which is right for you will all come down to personal preference and the requirements of your project. 


Plastic is a common material for corr-a-clips and shelf clips. Our industry-leading Ecovision Cardboard Corr-A-Clips provide a recyclable alternative that can go into the same recycling stream as the cardboard unit they’re attached to. Made from natural fibres, these clips will decompose much more quickly than other materials should they end up in landfill. 

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Mop trays and display feet 

These two products offer similar benefits in that they both help to protect the base of your FSDU from water damage. Our mop trays can be cut to order, ensuring a snug fit, and are also recyclable. 

Our display feet make units easy to relocate and can be easily installed thanks to their self-adhesive back. 

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Snap rivets 


Snap rivets are usually made from plastic or nylon. Here at Harrison, we’re also pleased to be able to offer a recyclable version as part of our EcoPlastic range. Made from 100% recyclable components, our EcoPlastic Snap Rivets are suitable for standard recycling streams and biodegrade much more quickly than other materials if they accidentally end up in landfill.

Collar or no collar 

Some snap rivets come with collars, which eliminate the need to trim surplus material and therefore help to reduce construction time. If time is an issue, then a snap rivet with a collar is likely to be the best option for you. 

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Adhesive pockets 

Size and opening 

Adhesive pockets, or stick-on pockets, are available in multiple A sizes, from A0 through to A7 so you’re sure to find a size that’s suitable for your FSDU. With some products you can also dictate where the opening should go to aid with easy POS replacement. 


While some pockets have a fully adhesive back, others only have adhesive strips at the top or bottom or around the edge, which will influence how you can insert POS and whether the pocket can be landscape, portrait or both. 


Adhesive pockets tend to be made from plastic (PVC) and recyclable plastic (polypropylene). The latter can go into standard recycling streams, which makes them an easy way to support sustainability. 

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Plastic display hooks 

Single or double prong 

Plastic display hooks are available with a single or double prong, so you’ll need to decide which works best for your purposes. 


The hooks also come with different attachments, depending on your requirements: 

  • Cliphead: Have a rear clip, which means they can be used with slots or on the edges of cardboard panels, corrugated panels and FSDUs. 
  • FastStab: Can be stabbed into corrugated board or other soft materials, including most FSDUs. 
  • Pegboard: Hook into standard pegboards. 
  • Slatwall: Slot into slatwall or pre-cut holes in an FSDU.

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Why buy FSDU components from Harrison Products? 

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when ordering from us: 

  • Experience: With over 20 years in the industry, we’re the trusted supplier for thousands of companies worldwide. 
  • Product range: Our vast product catalogue contains over 20 million products, so you’re sure to find the one you want. 
  • Samples: We provide a free sample system – simply request a sample via our product pages. 
  • Quality: We have robust quality control measures in place to ensure that all of the products we sell are produced to the highest quality. 
  • Fast UK shipping: Order before 4pm Mon-Fri for same day dispatch and free next-day delivery on orders over £150.

Check out our article on  Harrison Products for a great overview of our products and services.