Innovating Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

We believe that the future of retail feels good. Every day we champion our mission of refocusing industry values to centre around protecting the planet and revolutionising the way we shop.

As leaders within the retail industry, we use our eye for innovation and creative forward-thinking to pave the way to a more sustainable future for retail, using cutting-edge technology to develop bespoke, ground-breaking solutions.

We work to our vision of resetting retail standards in order to become the industry-favoured solution provider.

To achieve this, we ensure that everything we do supports, reinforces, and helps to accomplish our mission of pioneering innovation for retail’s sustainable future.

Your partner in sustainable retail innovation

What We Believe In

Take Responsibility, Always

We acknowledge and embrace our responsibility for the wellbeing of our people, ensuring that we do everything we can as a company to support and encourage their professional growth.

We are responsible for our impact on the planet and engage in a variety of sustainability initiatives and goal setting to minimise our impact as much as possible.

Challenge the Conventional

We don’t believe in simply doing what everyone else in the market is doing. We are industry leaders because we challenge the norm; we push ourselves to continually create and innovate.

Not only do we want to push the boundaries of retail and POS products and solutions, we also aim to challenge the way we champion sustainability and support our people.

Free to be Transparent

We recognise the importance of being transparent as a company and value its significance by celebrating and sharing our achievements. We also do this by being honest about the areas we know we can do better in as a company and continually share our plans for progress and improvement.

Remain Authentic

Authenticity is something that has been there from the start for Harrison. By being true to our purpose as a company, we value the power of authenticity in every aspect of the business. From the way we communicate with our teams internally to the reasoning behind our large-scale marketing campaigns, remaining authentic is key.

What We Do

Our Services

We offer a selection of bespoke services that can be tailored and adapted to your needs and the specific requirements of any brief.

Our Products

With more than 20 million products in stock, we have everything you need to create the perfect merchandising displays and retail solutions.

Our Green Promise

We’re the brand that stands

for the planet

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